Our comprehensive solution includes the following services:
Phase 1
1 Research
Research is conducted in our demonstration plant on the waste provided by the client. We conduct the research in order to determine key proces parameters, based on which we establish performance levels that we can guarantee.
2 Advisory
Based on initial modelling and tests conducted on waste provided by the client, we advise our client’s on how to achieve optimal performance of the plant, given the type of waste used and individual needs. This is the core advisory service that we offer. In addition, our advisory services include professional advice on preparation of various reports and forms required by the regulators to build the plant.
3 Design
We design the infrastructural projects required for construction of a new site or adaptation of existing infrastructure to client’s needs.
Phase 2
4 Construction
We deliver required modules and build the plant we have designed.
5 Supervision
We offer continuous remote monitoring of the processes that take place within the plant
6 Maintenence
We offer warranty and post warranty maintenance.
7 Staff training
We will conduct comprehensive Staff training to ensure that our plant is operated by professionals.